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Nils Simons

Hi, my name is Nils. I am years old and I work as a web front and back-end developer. I have worked on several personal projects, including neural networks with Python, which you can see on my GitHub. If you would like to learn more about my career, check out my LinkedIn.



BeFake is a bypass for the app BeReal. It uses the internal BeReal API to bypass the view restrictions and more. This means you can see the posts of your friends even if you haven't posted anything on BeReal. You can even post your own content on BeReal using BeFake and choose custom images from your gallery.

Try BeFake.

TikTok Posting API

A SaaS that allows you to upload and post TikToks via a REST API.

TikTok Posting API


Flickz is a service that allows you to browse and download films & series to your local machine. To use it, you need to download the Flickz server onto your machine and connect it with the Flickz App.

Open Flickz Flickz Server


Short is a simple URL Shortener Service that can be controlled with a REST API.

Use Short